Q: Will Odeon support 3D model exchange such as: BIM, IFC, IFCXML etc.?

A: Odeon A/S will probably not incorporate Industrial Foundation Classes (e.g. .ifc or .ifcxml files) in Odeon in the nearest future. However from programs such as AutoDesk Revit it should be possible to export geometries in the DXF format for use in Odeon. If the IFC support is merely export in the IFC file format without a tight integration of data then there is only little advantage of exporting in IFC compared to DXF.

A major problem with the IFC concept is that it assumes that we are linking the calculations up on the same model, whereas we with a model such as Odeon’s tend to alter the geometry during import in order to make the model compatible with the calculation model in Odeon (avoiding small surfaces and having watertight models etc).

Another obstacle is that it is not enough to implement the support in Odeon

- an implementation of the Odeon relevant data should also be available in the other programs (if the architect etc. should be able to define/alter material etc. in the database using their CAD program(s)). And because the data needed by Odeon/CATT/EASE etc. differs because their calculation principles are different there can't be made an implementation common to all such programs. The room acoustics extension to IFC for one program, in this case Odeon, may even alter as the program develops, thus needs other data.

Below is illustrated several ways to handle 3D models for use in Odeon