Q: What type of headphone should I use for auralisation?

A: Typically any hi-fi pair of headphones will perform well for the auralisation purposes. In the auralisation setup the user can specify the name of the headphone model from a default list so that the non-linearities of the frequency response will be compensated.  If the model of the headphone used is not available then the generic setting Subject_021Res10deg_diffuse.hph can be used. When this diffuse field setting (equalization) is selected, the results are filtered in order to obtain an overall flat frequency response of the HRTF's; that is, the average frequency response of all the HRTF filters is calculated and the auralisation results are filtered with the inverse of that. If using headphones which are diffuse field equalized (most headphones attempt to be) and a matching headphone filter is not available, then the matching diffuse filter headphone filter can be used. You can read more about headphones in Chapter 5 in the ODEON manual