Q: How do should I use a CLF file?

A: It is recommended to download and install the CLF viewer, supplied here http://www.clfgroup.org/viewer.htm, so that you can see all the details described by the directivity file. One of the important parameters in the CLF file is the sensitivity of the loudspeaker, i.e. the SPL 1m away, for a given (electrical) input. The input can be measured either in Volts or in Watts. Double-click on the sensitivity button in the CLF viewer to see all the references about sensitivity.

ODEON uses the sensitivity file to extract the sound power that appears in the point source editor. Generally, the sensitivity is given to 1 Volt or 1 Watt reference. This means that the overall gain in ODEON should be set to 0 dB.

For making simulations with the maximum output by the loudspeaker, the value for the gain displayed in the directivity file should be used in the overall gain field in ODEON. This value corresponds to the maximum voltage or power supplied and is calculated either by 10log(Vrms,max/2.83) or by 10log(Wmax).