Q: Can I use Odeon for small rooms: music studies, cars etc?

A: The calculation principles applied in Odeon is a combination of high frequecy models such as the image source method and ray-tracing, therefore validity of results depends on the frequency range of interest and if signals of interest are dominated by pure tones.
For Odeon simulations as with real measurements, the source and receiver should be at least 1/4th wave length from the walls. But at the very lowest resonance of the room the level can change a lot from position to position without Odeon being able to predict it. For investigation of low frequency behavior (resonances), indeed Odeon is not the tool.
Although small (Non diffuse) rooms is a challenge to Odeon, it might in some cases be the best tool for your calculations anyway. This report suggest that absorption should be chosen with care if predictions in rooms with very none diffuse sound fields are made, in particular be careful with extreme absorption coefficients (alfa > 0.9 and alfa < 0.05).