ODEON Basics

ODEON Basics gives a collection of powerful tools in affordable cost. The following features are included:

  • Support for ISO 3382-2, ISO 3382-3, ISO 14257 and IEC 60268-16 standards.
  • Calculation of room acoustic parameters:
    • Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
    • SPL(A), SPL(C), SPL(Lin)
    • Spatial Decay DL2
    • Reverberation Time
    • Early Decay Time EDT
    • Speech Transmission Index STI
    • Sound Strength G
  • Point sources
  • Diffraction over screens
  • Multi-point response
  • Noise control tools
  • Quick estimate
  • Recording impulse responses
  • Processing impulse responses
  • Importing measured data to multi-point response

Please be aware that the computation engine and accuracy is exactly the same as for the rest versions. Compare the features of ODEON Basics with the other editions. The Basics edition is a good starting point to use ODEON for your bussiness or research. You can always upgrade to a more advanced edition later on. See the cost for purchase and upgrade here.