Optimize loudspeaker setups in acoustic environments with ODEON. The line array editor visualizes how loudspeaker units interact. Get the near field, far field, direct coverage and frequency response at any distance.

As input for the units in an array or for a conventional boxed loudspeakers please use CLF-files. Read more about loudspeakers in the manual, chapter 10, 11 and appendix E. See a case story on implementation of line array speakers or video tutorials on loudspeaker modelling in ODEON.

Free development package loudspeaker manufacturers

A restricted and time limited license of the ODEON Auditorium edition is available for loudspeaker manufacturers and distributers for free. The purpose of this version is to make a larger variety of loudspeaker data available especially for array and cluster loudspeakers. The restriction on the free development package for loudspeaker manufacturers and distributers means that it can only be used for consulting ODEON customers or in close coorporation with ODEON customers. Please send an email to sales@odeon.dk if this offer has your interest. Read evaluation of the ODEON interface from the array loudspeaker expert Dr. Evert Start, Axys.

ODEON features for loudspeakers

FeaturesBenefitsFree trial feature
Haas-effectIn the source receiver list an option of calculating the Haas-effect is available to calculate level and delays necessary to obtain directionality towards the main source


Array source editorstack an array or cluster. Each unit has individual adjustable: position, orientation, directivity balloon, equalization, delay, gain.

CLF-inputOpen source file formats, controlled files supplied by loudspeaker manufacturer.

Interpolation of balloon dataAngular/frequency interpolation for infinite/higher resolution.

XML import/exportIt is an open format which describes how units are stacked. The XML-format is easily extensible and commonly used

Beam steered arrayscan be imported with phase balloon and complex filtering.

Import complete array speaker set-upTestimonial

Near field plotCan be used to see how sound pressure is distributed with distance. Zoomable. Near field can be viewed from the side or from the top.

far field balloon3D grid image of Far field balloon in 8 octave bands.

3D Direct sound mapwithin a few seconds get the direct sound from one or several loudspeakers at a defined grid


Frequency responseHigh resolution frequency response in any point from the near field plot or direct sound map. Check dips and notches in the frequency response

Point source editoradjust position, orientation, directivity balloon, equalization, delay, gain.

Open GLMakes it possible to see the loudspeakers in 3D rendering from any position or from the perspective of the loudspeaker to check the aiming.

Source receiver scriptallows import/export of source and receiver coordinates and orientations.

Room acousticsthe ODEON-software is a strong tool concerning reliability in room acoustic calculations, calculation speed and auralisation. See development history.


*Only for the pre-defined rooms available with the free demo version