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Q: What are the advantages of a scale model against a digital model?

A: Both methods have their strengths and weaknesses; however, the computer modelling has several significant advantages in terms of time, costs and quality of results. For an overview see this table. At ISRA 2010 a paper was presented about the comparison of a scale model and a computer model of an opera theatre.

Q: Can I run ODEON in a MAC system, using a windows emulator?

A: ODEON is an MS Windows based program and it is highly recommended to use it on a Windows PC. You can see the system requirements at the specifications page. In principle ODEON will be able to run on a MAC system when it is booted in MS Windows mode, but it is likely that the speed will not be optimal. Same considerations apply for an emulator (when you want to run MAC OS and MS Windows at the same time). In all cases Odeon A/S can only guarantee the performance of ODEON in a pure MS windows PC. Any instability in the system caused by running ODEON on another type of OS is exclusively the user's responsibility.

Q: How can I uninstall ODEON software from my PC?

A: Uninstall ODEON by using the Add/Remove (or Uninstall) programs facility in the Windows Control Panel. As an alternative, you can open the folder Program Files on your hard disk and search for the ODEON folder (e.g. Odeon11Combined). Open the folder and run the uninstall file (e.g. uninst.exe). ODEON will not directly delete the data folders in order to protect the files you have created so far. You may delete them manually afterwards. Please note that for a 64-bit PC system, the ODEON program files are stored at folder Program Files(x86).

Q: We are a multinational company, having offices in more than one countries. The main license belongs to one of our offices. Can we order extra licences for PCs in other offices?

A: The main ODEON license and any extra licenses associated with that can only belong to one company registration number. Normally the offices of a multinational company have different registration numbers in different countries. You cannot order an extra license associated with a different registration number. You should order a new main license first.

Q: I have problems with my dongle or installation.

A: Look under Dongle Update, or contact us.

Q: How does ODEON manage in tests compared with measured results?

Q: Is the new version compatible with older version and can I use same rooms in different editions?

A: ODEON file sets including directivity patterns and room models are forward compatible, so it is possible to load old room sets from version 3, 4, 5...., into newer versions. The file set is not backward compatible. If insisting on loading a room into an old version from a new one, it is better to use the "File|Open room and repair" rather than the normal "File|Open room". Also it is recommended to make a backup copy before reloading into other versions.

Compatibility between different Editions is not a core facility in ODEON, so a bit of care and effort is required if loading a room created in another Edition. If loading a room in another Edition than the original, make a backup copy in the original Edition and open the room with the "File|Open|Room and repair" option.

Is not capable of handling "single point response" result- and auralisation- files along with a number of acoustical parameters.

CanĀ“t handle line, surface or multi surface sources. Any such source should be erased before attempting to load a room created in Industrial or Combined into Auditorium. Rooms created in the Industrial Edition does not have information about "Receiver pointing towards Source" in the JobList, so this has to be specified before calculations can be made.

Can read sets from any edition of ODEON. Only the facilities available in the original edition will be available. To make all options available the "Open|Room and repair" option should be used. Rooms created in the Industrial Edition does not have information about " Receiver pointing towards Source" in the JobList, so this has to be specified before calculations can be made.

Q: What is new in the latest version of ODEON?

A: This is described on the product pages along with the difference between different Editions: Industrial, Auditorium and Combined. You can also see the full update history of the different versions.