About using materials and the materials list in Odeon.

Q: I can't find the materials that I have created in the material database, while working with a specific room.

A: It is likely that you have associated the new materials with the local, room material library, not the Global material library. Remember that you can Toggle between the global and local room library by pressing the corresponding button in the materials list.

Q: The material list is not accessible in my model.

A: It is possible sometimes that the file containing information about the materials used in your model is corrupted. This file has the extension .Mat and it is stored in the same place as the main file of your room, i.e. the .Par file.
In the same place there is also a file with .Mbk extension. This is the backup of the .Mat file and can be used instead of the corrupted .Mat file. In order to do that, you have to erase the .Mat file and change the extension of the .Mbk file into .Mat.

Q: I cannot find all the materials mentioned at page 4-60 in the user manual, version 12.

A: The manual on page 4-60 describes the way the materials are categorized in ODEON. For each category one can store up to 1000 different materials. However, the library comes with only a few materials pre-installed in each category, as some initial suggestions. You can add more materials in the materials list yourself.