Q: Can Odeon use Trimble Sketchup files (.skp) as input?

A: Odeon can do even better. We have created a plug-in SU2Odeon for Trimble Sketchup which converts and saves the geometry directly in Odeon's native .par format (Odeon version 10), it is available for download here. The plug-in is without any additional charge and works with the free as well as the pro version of Trimble Sketchup. For version 9 and earlier of Odeon this solution may work Odeon can not read .skp files, however, it is not a problem to use Trimble Sketchup as room modelling software together with Odeon. The solution is simply to export the model in either .dxf or .3ds format. Odeon is able to directly import these files as exported by Trimble Sketchup Pro - no need for extra software packages.