ODEON Room Acoustics Software

for measurement, simulation and auralisation

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Click here to download demoversion of ODEON CombinedClick here to download demoversion of ODEON Combined
New ODEON Course - November!
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Array loudspeakers Speech intelligibility in halls is improved by PA systems...Read More
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Industrial Noise
Noise mapping in industrial halls is an important tool for noise control...Read More

ODEON for Industrial and Room Acoustics

"The selection of noise sources as well as the possibility of assigning transmission indexes to the bounding wall setups are excellent tools for industrial and building acoustics."

Martin Jedovnicky, Company manager, AkuDesign, Bratislava, Slovakia
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ODEON as a research tool

"Odeon handles complex geometries like no other acoustic modelling software I have encountered; it is quick, simple to use and most importantly troublefree."

Jonathan Sheaffer, Researcher, Uni. of Salford
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Odeon makes design engineers into acousticians

"Our design engineers are able to make complex Odeon models two days after they open the program the first time. After three days they can start simulating acoustics."

Martin Leerbaek, Midtconsult
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